Be the Queen to Call in Your King – 7 Week Embodiment Program

  • Crave a deeply connected soul relationship with an quality man who truly meets you?
  • Desire to be truly SEEN, appreciated & loved for all you are?
  • Independent & successful in other areas of your life but can’t seem to get this relationship thing right?

If you’re done with the world of throw-away relationships, You’re over meeting the wrong kind of man, or you’re really ready to leave long term single behind…


Especially for women ready to call in soul-mate love, designed to take you on a journey of embodiment to become QUEEN, so you can call in your KING.


Developed as a powerful sequential journey using proven leading edge relationship coaching methodologies, coupled with powerful law of attraction principles, you will be guided to create a vision for the love you want & create deep healing, transformation & releasing, reclaiming the innate feminine qualities that make us powerfully magnetic to a quality man. You will also learn what & who to say no to in order to create space for that man, how & why men fall in love; invaluable insights into the secret language of men & the feminine masculine interplay; steps for meeting your ideal partner and the principles for creating an extraordinary relationship…that all begins with your relationship to YOU.

On a practical level, the program is a series of seven individual modules commencing with a half day ‘Create your vision for love’ foundation workshop  (Saturday 1 Sept 2018 -1.30pm-5.30pm), then Thursday eves 7.00-9.30pm in an intimate group session format. 


This program is about becoming a high value woman that commands & calls in a high value man (Your King) & stops messing around with Knights, Jesters, Jokers & Randy Stablehands…It’s about learning the distinction between a man who is ready to be a King, then how to become the kind of woman THAT man wants to be with.

This program is NOT about masking who you are, or teaching you tricks & strategies to snare a man or make you anything you are not. It’s about a deep discovery of truly understanding yourself, what you want in a relationship & why you want it, what a healthy relationship means to you & the kind of man you want to call in who is YOUR King.

  • Create a vision for the type of relationship and lover or life-partner you desire;
  • Own, honour & love all the parts of you during a transformational journey of practical advice, experiential activities & grounded theoretical information, sharing & discussion in group dynamic;
  • Deepen your relationship with self & your ability to connect intimately with others;
  • Identify blockages, unhealthy patterns, defences & ways of self-sabotage in relationship;
  • Release old ideas of who you are/what relationships are/what men are/who you are in relationship/what love is etc to make way for something remarkable;
  • Learn how to make better choices – when and what to say no, yes and ‘I’m not sure yet’ to;
  • Cultivate self-love, self-nurturing & self-responsibility;
  • Unleash your inner goddess through divine feminine embodiment practices;
  • Embody Authenticity, Joy, Personal Power, Playfulness & the kind of Radiant feminine attraction that creates polarity for a man & literally draws him in to you;
  • Cultivate genuine self confidence & personal power that means you don’t need him, rather you choose him because he is worthy of you & deserves your deepest love;
  • Ownership of your pleasure, sensuality & sexuality as a woman
  • Balance discernment & boundaries, with openness & receptivity;
  • How to recognize & be magnetic to the type of man you want to be with & how to make the right man for you feel like a King;
  • Activate the universal laws of attraction to support you in calling him in;
  • Learn the distinction between neediness & healthy bonding & attachment
  • Understand what makes a quality man decide if you are someone to ‘have fun’ with or wants as his partner.
  • Discover a deeper understanding of the secret language of men: what they really want, mean, how to speak his language and activate a strong desire for him to want to be with, care for and love you as his woman.

  • Many graduates of this course have met their partners DURING, within weeks or months of completing this program.
  • Takeaway a unique fusion of practical skills, tools, techniques, healing, visioning  & manifesting processes, relationship coaching methodology, transpersonal & traditional psychology principles
  • Each week, a new module of the beautiful 60 page course manual filled to the brim with invaluable teachings, special insights, recommended readings & viewings, homework activities & provision to capture your innermost thoughts & breakthroughs to keep as a map of your personal journey.
  • Evolutionary relationship coaching tools, interpersonal skills & resources for continued extraordinary relating
  • Growth mindset & heart expansion practices for creating not only your dream relationship but also a deeper continuing self relationship.

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Book online here

Dates & Times

Starts Saturday 1 Sept: 1.30-5.30pm, followed by 6 x Thurs eves: 7.00-9.30pm: Sep 6, 13, 20, 27 | Oct 4, 11


City fringe venue advised on registration

  • Over 18 hours fully facilitated face to face soul relationship coaching sessions & workshop over 7 weeks including powerful experiential embodiment activities
  • Intimate group coaching format that will support you, gently call you on your stuff & hold you accountable to the vision for love you want
  • All workbooks, Handouts & Materials
  • Uniquely designed detailed homework activities to confound & embody the weekly lessons
  • Private online community forum for interim support and sharing
  • 20% Discount for up to 3 individual coaching sessions for deeper personal healing (during and up to 3 months post program
  • 20% Discount for online dating profile writing services (20% off dating profile rewrites & revamps to making you stand out to the right men)

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Payment Options

Early $395 | Full $425 | P/P: Deposit $120 + 3 x $125)*

EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT: 1st 3 Bookings only $395 (Save $100!) (paid in full)
DISCOUNT PAID IN FULL PRICE – $425 (Save $70) or;
PAYMENT PLAN PRICE – $495 (DEPOSIT $120 to secure your place (+ 3 x $125 fortnightly instalments)
*CREDIT CARD ACCEPTED VIA EVENTBRITE, ‘SHOP’ OR REQUEST INVOICE – All prices are plus Booking/CC processing fee
(Note Booking not secured until payment in full or deposit is made)

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Not only did my confidence and clarity soar, I’ve also developed a relationship with an awesome guy! It’s now 7 months in, and Michele’s wise teachings, absolutely helped me to navigate confidently through these early stages, understand clearly what I will and won’t accept to move forward and how to communicate that respectfully. The result is I have no doubt in my mind that he wants to be with me and explore what we have together.

He’s showing up & proving himself in a way I might not have realised without understanding what was playing out between us and how to let him come to me.

Whether you are looking for a soulmate or not, Michele’s course really draws you to explore yourself and your values and desires for life and for a partner and so much more than just tips and tools to find your perfect lover.

It’s a truly empowering journey of getting to know yourself better, exploring your femininity and vulnerability, discovering and letting go of any residual pain or blocks and fascinatingly…learning about the masculine and feminine states of play and interaction.

I’d highly recommend the BTQ course to anyone wanting a life cleanse, inspiration or direction and a sense of rejuvenation and poise in the world of dating.”
~ Jess Buckley, Customer Relations Manager


“Be the Queen offers so much more than what I thought I was signing up to. Michele invests so much into the group that you can’t help but deep dive into investing into yourself.

The momentum that this creates within the group supports each woman to feel empowered towards making long lasting changes. That’s right, long lasting, as it’s definitely no bandaid approach. When I first contemplated doing this program I was wondering could I afford it? do I have the time? I don’t like group work, oh my life is fine as I have everything else in my life going perfectly just not the relationship.

Seriously! what was I thinking because I would have paid loads more money to experience half the things the program offers.  Oh and yes I met someone 3 months after the course and we are still going strong, but this time it feels different 😉  I was single for sooooooo many years and had a string of choosing the wrong men and things not working out- I could of kept going in this direction but I am glad that I decided to really invest in myself- cause I am very much worth it!
~ Sarah Blessing, Mindfulness Consultant (Name changed at request)


“I came to Michele on a friend’s recommendation, wanting change in work and love. I was a bit wary, but I’d reached a point where I’d done all I could myself and knew I needed outside help. Michele has been amazing. Unlike many coaching types, she’s truly ‘been there, done that’ and walks her talk. I knew that she could relate to what was happening for me, so I felt free to share everything.

 Some months and a hundred tiny ‘shifts’ in me later the results have been incredible. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, on the personal front I’m now engaged to be married to the most wonderful man! It’s a healthy, happy, easy relationship, and I’m still amazed that in a few short months I’ve gone from having serious difficulty letting go of my ex to this.

On the business front the change has been equally huge. My business is going better than it ever has before. I’m making more money, having proper time off (!) and, most importantly, enjoying work wholeheartedly for the first time in years.  Michele, thank you with all my heart!”
~ Melissa Foster, Freelance Copywriter (Name changed at request)


“Following on the from the Queen’s course I attended an event Michele recommended – It was awesome! And through that I did meet a beautiful man! Our time together was short (he doesn’t currently live here), but it was a very soul-enriching experience for me.

He was the most spiritual person I’ve had an intimate physical and emotion connection with, and it showed me the kind of deep, conscious connection that is possible for me to have. I feel so grateful and honestly believe the Queens course laid the foundations for me to be in the heartspace to meet and align with someone like that.

Interestingly, at one point I picked up on myself starting to put him on a pedestal when I felt deeply attracted to him…but then I checked myself, and took my power back in that moment. It felt very liberating and empowering! We learnt so much from each other in the short time we were together. We’ll stay in touch, and who knows… maybe our paths will cross again!”
~ Tracey Cavanaugh, Marketing Manager (Name changed at request)


A self help course disguised as a relationship course – Brilliant! You go in thinking you need someone else, and leave realising the only person you need is yourself! Michele is an inspiring teacher, who shares her own personal stories with the group so you feel more like equals. You know that she knows what she’s talking about, because she’s lived it!

I learnt so much about the role I have been playing in my past relationships, rather than just focusing on the other person’s behaviour like I’d been doing in the past. I learnt to take responsibility for myself, and become a lot more in tune with what it is I actually want from a partner, but more importantly myself! Self-love is the most important thing. If I don’t love and respect myself, no one else will! It was exactly what I needed.

~ Jana Parker


 “The “Be the Queen” course with Michele was a beautiful journey of discovery and connection. Michele is a natural facilitator – someone who is truly living and breathing their soul purpose. She shares her wisdom gracefully and holds a safe space for you to explore and share with others. Michele is a connector of people – she has created a lovely, nurturing community and I feel so grateful to be part of that. I can see that the way I interact and relate with men I am attracted to has already shifted – powerful stuff! Keep doing what you do, Michele, you are a blessing to us all. ~ Lucy Graham


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So in love with you all! And soooo excited to share this with you ?

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