Be the Queen – Own your worth as a high value woman

Own your crown…

An inspiring one to one program designed to take you on a journey of self discovery, personal awakening and deep reconnection with yourself as a woman of high worth – aka A Queen.

Over 3 months you will be empowered to reconnect with who you really are, learn to love and accept yourself wholly and completely reclaim your personal  power. 

Sessions are delivered weekly or fortnightly to fit best with your circumstances.

During the program you will be supported, inspired & gently challenged to:

  • Experience a deeper connection with your relationship to yourself at a soul level
  • Let go of self-sabotage patterns & beliefs using a combination of transformational practices including life-coaching, NLP, hypnosis, timeline therapy & guided self enquiry
  • Look and feel more confident and at ease with yourself as a woman
  • Experience more vibrancy, aliveness and magnetism
  • Realign with your greater life calling & the core values that nourish your soul
  • Learn techniques to access your intuition and trust the internal guidance of your own wisdom
  • Be more fulfilled by learning to allow more playfulness in your life
  • Learn to respect, love & honour yourself and make choices that support the Queen version of you
  • Free your creative expression as a gateway to powerful healing & personal growth
  • Navigate challenges from a place of empowerment in a way that propels you towards highest possibilities for your life
  • Experience transformational techniques to  empower the woman you are
  • Activate your natural allure by igniting the divine feminine powerhouse within all women
  • Fall in love with your Quintessential Queen in such a way that you never forget
  • Be a catalyst for awakening others in your own life to more for their lives and a brighter future for humanity

Each week will leave you feeling more alive, awake and infused with possibility as you become the radiant woman you really are – Shine your light for all to see! (Sessions are are delivered via Skype)


  • 7 fortnightly sessions over three months. Sessions are 60mins with the first one being a longer personal discovery double session of 120minutes & the 7th session an integration & what next 

  • Weekly at homework commitments to your Queendom – these are activities in the real world where the magic happens!

  • Full course manual including homework activities & exercise each week personally tailored to you for your program based on what transpires in session to integrate breakthroughs, including recommended viewing/reading;

  • Up to 4 x 10minute phone calls & brief interim email support if you want to touch base in between sessions; (personal programs only);

  • All Tools, Workbooks, Resources & Handout Reference Sheets relevant to your unique journey

Investment: $1447.00 (Can be paid in two instalments)
Dates: Programs can begin at any time however are subject to availability (Michele only works with 5 clients at any one time)
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Shared Programs: Shared programs are available for groups of two or more. If you have a group of friends who are interested in doing this journey together or would like to join the waitlist to share with others please contact Michele.
Shared Programs: shared coaching journeys are 2.5 hours each week to ensure a loving framework of ongoing guided support, encouragement & continual reinforcement as you confound the learnings, embody the Be the Queen principles and experience the profound changes that comes with discovering and living your personal truth.
Investment: $695 per person for groups of 2/3 $595 for groups of 4/6 $495 for 6-12 
Please Note: Share programs limited to 12 places

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