Energised & Inspired! – Suddenly Everything Makes Sense Again!

T.S. – Biologist, PHD Graduate, Animal Rights Advocate

So many results within such a short time!  Suddenly everything makes sense again and I feel so energized and inspired!

I found my real passion in life, my fuel and the ‘thing’ that makes my heart sing: animals and standing up for their rights!  It was always there – but I had forgotten about it because I listened too long and too much to other people’s voices “I should do something serious with my life” when I expressed my love for animals and that they should be treated with respect and justice. I never thought how exciting it can be to find out what really drives you. And on the other side how easily it feels when you are on the right path (again). I am getting involved in things that are really true and important to me and I feel much more fulfilled and this feeling of sadness is replaced with excitement!

There are so many things I am so grateful to have Michele as a coach! Before coaching, I felt side-tracked and not in the right place, but didn’t know what the right place was.  I had always this feeling of sadness as if something is missing, that life was happening out there without me – but that I should have a place there somehow.

She gave me straight away the feeling that I can talk openly about anything and I had the feeling that someone is really listening to what I am saying.  Talking to her helps me to understand more who I am and that it is OK to be myself J. I love the fact, that she has a huge range of knowledge in psychological theories and that she applies them in a very individual way.

She picks up very fast unconscious things within me and reflects them to me in a very loving and patient way. And describes them in a way that it is very easy for me to understand, to adapt it straight away and I leave her every time feeling very uplifted.

Because I started to feel more comfortable in my own skin and braver to speak my truth (even if my voice still shakes J). I started to dream again, to believe in possibilities, to learn how to find own solutions and to take responsibilities for my life. In short, more self-confidence, self-love, purpose and hope!

I also love her events as there are lots of other beautiful and amazing women on a similar journey. A very safe and loving space to be able to open my heart and invite my soul sisters in.

I would highly recommend Michele if you have the feeling that you want to find out what is really thriving you, if you want to become more self-loving and just connect more to your inner truth and beauty.

Thank you so much, Michele!!!! I am so, so grateful for you!!!! You are amazing – even 6 years of different modalities didn’t help me the way you did.

Much, much love to you!!!!

(Name withheld in confidence)