Promises Delivered for Best Selling Author & Founder of Tedx N.Y.

Dr Julianne Wurm, 42, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Founder & Curator Tedx East NY, New York

“Working with Michele was such an incredibly positive experience. The first thing that I was so impressed with her very deep knowledge of the theories in her field and her ability to bring those into practice day to day with me to look at things in a new way that I had never considered before.

“The things that she promised she really delivered…”

It was a very unique experience for me and I always felt incredibly safe.  I really trusted her and that was a connection we had straight away. [Michele has] something very unique that personally I have never found before in any kind of dialogue or coaching work that I have done.

I really couldn’t recommend her high enough.  I felt like the things that she promised she really delivered on, and the process was so enjoyable and professional.  I just want to say thank you Michele.”