Karen Ward

Karen Ward, Melbourne

I haven’t had the chance yet to show my appreciation and gratitude for the space that you held for me.  I am so grateful for our sessions and where I journeyed to with you. You allowed me to start opening up to my potential and to get to know a part of myself I had hidden for so long, by holding space and witnessing me. Your perfect balance of strength and softness gave me confidence to start exploring my vulnerability. Thankyou for being the reflection that I wanted and needed…

The [confidential home activity] is doing wonderful things to my soul and showing me who I really am at a deep core level. Thankyou again Michele from the deepest centre of my core. You were amazing and your work is so powerful. Blessings sister and I hope your journey takes you beyond anything you could ever dream of and brings you never ending bliss, joy and abundant happiness.

All my love and Light

Karen xxoo