Julie Cavendish (Name withheld in confidence)

Julie*, 32, Medical Industry Entrepreneur, Melbourne

” I’ve learnt skills for self-love, self-care, self-nurturing and self-leadership and how to instil personal boundaries not from a place of defensiveness but from a genuine place of self-honouring”.

I have always been a strong, capable woman; but lately not exactly sure where I belong in this city. Starting my own business, being active, strong and competitive, seemed to override my subtle, sensual, softer side, which I had neglected so as to protect myself and ‘get ahead’. I felt disconnected from my feminine side, full of limiting self-belief’s, pleasing others, and caring about people’s opinions of me were affecting my sense of self, where I fit in, and what I really wanted. Michele helped me to challenge and change my beliefs, understand of the power of my disowned feminine energy, and to take full responsibility for my own ability to create my experience of life. I’ve learnt skills and resources for on-going self-love, self-care, self-nurturing and self-leadership, honoured my integrity to follow through on my commitments, and how to instil personal boundaries not from a place of defensiveness but from a genuine place of self-honouring. Now I ‘m a strong, capable, confident woman, who takes time out to enjoy my life, create and have fun. I’ve rediscovered what is truly important to me on a soul level and become aware of my ability to shape the world around me. People have gone from my life, while others have come in. I feel amazing! I would recommend Michele’s coaching service’s as we explore what is there at the moment, and work through layer’s with awesome, unique technique’s I had not experienced before.  Michele also has a wealth of information, is able to connect with many different individual’s, she is real, beautiful and receptive. I have decided to continue coaching sessions with Michele. She is a wonderful role model, passionate about women expressing themselves through purpose and play and I am excited to uncover more!

*Name changed at client request

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