Catterina Tilby

Catterina Tilby, 25, Roving Performer, Hooper, Singer – Empowering others through the Arts,  Melbourne

Michele is more than a coach. She is a friend, a sister, another human being who has gone through her own journey and practise what she preaches. She is a guide who accepts you for who you are and where you are at but also challenges you to step up into your own personal power and accept responsibility for your life direction. The time & love she has shared has been paramount.

Our sessions are always collaborative and light-hearted, with plenty of reality checks ha! What struck me the most in our sessions was her ability to perceive a situation as it IS rather than how we THINK it is. She would frequently question my reasoning to the point; I would find myself lost in laughter at the ridiculousness of it all. This allowed me to come up with many of my own conclusions and realisations. I never felt alone because Michele was riding the wave with me, helping me to strip back the artificial layers and see the truth – MY truth.

Initially confusion and lack of clarity about my life purpose, my mental state at the time and how I perceived myself and the world at large had me contact Michele. I felt stuck, uninspired and unfulfilled. I was resisting the job I was in, on the verge of quitting. My health was constantly playing up and affecting my ability to step-up into my personal power and I realise this now as a form of self-sabotage.  My life situation felt pretty dim.

After trialling out a mainstream psychologist, I discovered that what I needed now was a guide in life, instead of someone who only listened and gave more power to my story as I perpetuated it over and over in my sessions.

Working with Michele has resulted in a complete shift in my perceptions. I began to really open up to the questions, “Is it TRUE?” what I am thinking/how I am seeing myself or a situation and “What SERVES me?” and “WHO am I doing this for?”, if not for myself and WHY? Not only did Michele’s techniques help me to see the story I was creating and had the power to rewrite but it drew my focus back to my PASSIONS and “filling my cup up” each day with activities that give me pure joy.

In the beginning we broke down many beliefs/values that no longer served me and I began to rebuild them for the person I am today and for what I need now.

Today I am more confident in myself and my ability to really shine in life, no matter what I set out to do. All of a sudden, all these prospects I was scared of seem so much more attainable and that’s exciting.

I can consciously feel my awareness opening up a little more each day and sometimes a lot and know there is no turning back. The only direction is forward.

Probably my biggest insight was learning about the power of manifestation and seeing my intentions blossoming before me. All I had to do was ask and really desire it and doors started to open. They were never in the form I expected or in the timeframe but that just made it all the more mysterious and exciting.

This is worth the world to me. I now know the power of this technique/of the power of my own intention and my desires no longer seem a world away. I looked at my vision board the other day and couldn’t believe my eyes. I was beginning to live it, now. So many pieces were falling into place and so much more to look forward to.

The time and love Michele has given me has been paramount.

I remembered these two quotes that fit perfectly –

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are”.

“I took a deep breath and let go!”

Thank you Michele.