Upcoming Events

  • Be the Queen to Call in Your King – 7 Week Embodiment Program

    1st Sep 2018 1:30:pm, at
    Especially for women ready to call in soul-mate love, designed to take you on a journey of embodiment to Be The Queen, so you can call in your King.    

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  • Calling in your ‘People’ – How to deliberately create your tribe

    18th Nov 2018, at
    Learn how to consciously call the right people into your life and create friendships and networks with likeminded people; the difference between soul mates, twin flames and soul groups; how to see each and every relationship as an opportunity for growth (even the challenging ones!); recognize toxic relationships; how to protect and distance yourself from relationships that don’t serve you; experience a powerful energy cutting technique that will allow you to forgive and release old relationships; become a vibrational match for the people you want in your life; consciously call in your soul people via intention and ritual; learn practical strategies to make like-minded connections; recognise yourself as your best friend first.

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  • Be the Queen – Own your worth as a high value woman

    1st Nov 2018, at
    An inspiring one to one program designed to take you on a journey of self discovery, personal awakening and deep reconnection with yourself as a woman of high worth - aka A Queen. Over seven exciting weeks you will be empowered to connect authentically with who you really are, learn to love and accept yourself wholly and completely and reclaim your personal power. Each week will leave you feeling more alive, awake and infused with possibility as you become the radiant woman you really are - Shine your light for all to see!

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