Journey of a Queen

impossible possibleBe the Queen programs & events support ‘everywoman’ on her Queen’s journey to realize her best self as a woman of high worth by getting real about who she is & owning that (Be the Queen); Calling in her people (friends, supporters & community on her Queen’s journey); Her King (Life-partner); Creating her Queendom (meaningful life aligned with her soul-ideals) and leading with love (making a difference for the people in her world through sharing what she has learned are her gifts along the way).

Michele – aka The Barefoot Queen – dishes up real raw, down to earth wisdom through fun, exciting experiential workshops, coaching programs and events to support and inspire women committed to their personal & spiritual growth to create their Queendom. Fusing a unique blend of practical, strategic methodologies and spiritual principles, together we explore the core of who you really are and how you relate to the world, create real world solutions to your challenges, implement soul inspired actions to achieve your dreams and desires and nourish your mind, body and soul along the way.

So how does it work?
All workshops are stand alone, however are designed to compliment each other and support you through each life chapter as you awaken, discover, evolve and co-create a life true to YOUR Quintessential Queen.

Of course you may already be clear on some of these areas already so you can feel free to join us at any stage..

Group Programs:


Reclaim Your Sacred Power - A Queen's Guide to love, truth & empowerment

  • 21 unconscious ways most of us don't own our power.
  • Real, raw, easy-read relatable material for everywoman'
  • Practical everyday activities to implement right now to start owning your Queendom
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Reclaim Your Sacred Power A Queen's Guide to love, truth & empowerment

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