How it Works

Unlike counselling, or any other type of ‘therapy,’ coaching is about propelling you forward, by clarifying where it is you want to go and identifying what is stopping you from getting there.

The process itself works by first identifying what it is you would like to create in your life, so we know what we are working towards, and shifting disempowering or limiting internal paradigms (your world within) that do not serve that which you are creating (your world without),

We open you up to the innate gifts, talents and internal resources you never knew you had and consistently move you forward using a combination of proven practical performance coaching methodologies and transpersonal spiritual insights and understandings to remove obstacles and enable you to attract the right people, right career, right activities and right synchronicities to create the life you desire for yourself.

Generally one to one coaching is fortnightly, or can be in group setting centred around a theme or objective specific to the group. Be the Queen offers both of these options, (see current group coaching journeys available) as well as different types of coaching experiences depending on your preferred style.  A initial consultation will help you determine what is right for you.

By identifying what is important to you, what is already amazing in your life, and what needs a little TLC we will work the priorities for our journey together to give you the biggest impact in your life right now, and work towards creating your ideal fulfilled life in the future.

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