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Top 5 Ways to Get Your Goddess On!

Some women walk into a room and just instantly grab your attention. They aren’t necessarily the most beautiful, well-dressed, smartest or well-known in the room, and yet somehow both women and men gravitate to her.

What are you choosing for our future today?

Imagine a world where instead of fighting each other for everything we contributed, supported and encouraged others towards their goals and highest intentions? If instead of celebrating the inherent individualism of ‘My Success’, ‘My Stature,’ ‘My Wealth’, My Property ’, ‘My Idea’ and competing for territory as small as car spaces, we aspired to each […]

Who Am I/Who Are You?

I’ve been a participant floating through several pockets of reality over the past few days: these virtual worlds with their own existential belief systems, inter-relational dynamics, vernacular & strange nuances of ‘normal’. Some I resonate with and others so foreign I feel almost operating in silo: from family, to industry, to friends old & new; touching […]