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Who is Michele (aka The Barefoot Queen)

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Michele Peppler is a down to earth, real, raw soul-centric dating, relationships & lifestyle coach, writer, mentor & facilitator – aka The Barefoot Queen.

She helps women connect to themselves & their deeper life purpose; attract soul-aligned friends, partners & community; create soul nourishing lives, thriving relationships & meaningful day to day living.

Ex corporate & spirit savvy, one of my key differentiators is balancing the woo-woo with inspired practical action & application.

She is also Author of ‘How to Make a Career from your Calling’; Columnist for Wake Up World, Smart Healthy Women’s Magazine; Regular guest presenter for conscious festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore and Maitraya and has even infiltrated mainstream publications like ‘The Age’ and the ‘Sydney Morning Herald.’

Ove the past decade Michele’s inspirational teachings have illuminated the way for hundreds of women to know & love who they are truly are, align with their soul truth & greater purpose in life. Inspiring & supporting them to take action to live life from this place has also enabled them to attract like-minded people to help them fulfil that purpose, create incredible ongoing friendships, love relationships and connections with other heart centred soul aligned collaborators or heart centred project partners.

Through her workshops, writing and personal coaching sessions, Michele’s inspirational teachings have illuminated the way for hundreds of women to step into their personal power and create tangible real world results in their daily lives.

Michele started helping other women after answering the call of her own soul, leaving her days of climbing the corporate ladder managing teams, deadlines and egos behind her and realising that there was a desperate need to create and foster a community and infrastructure that supported women to be honour the truth of who they really are as they embark on their own personal journey of growth and evolution.

She has worked with women from all walks of life from Corporate Presenters, Entrepreneurs & Executives to Teachers, Dancers & Art Therapists. Her client list includes people such as Dr Julianne Wurm, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Founder & Curator of Tedx East NY, to Communications Expert, Victoria Rose, of The Leadership Voice – amazing women just like you.

Michele has been described as a ‘natural wayshower’ and ‘modern day goddess’ who has the unique gift of being able create an almost immediate sense of trust in a nurturing non-judgemental space.

“Michele has a wonderful, if not magical way of tapping into your issue and bringing to light what it is you need in order to heal and move forward.” ~ Kerry Verdon.

Wendy Taylor, calls her:

“A wealth of empowering knowledge that leaves you stimulated to explore the ideas around who is the woman that you are seeking to be, that you already are.”
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Michele’s Unique Approach

michele-my-storyMichele is a qualified Result Coach, NLP Practitioner & Trainer, Writer & Presenter trained in Eriksonian Hypnosis and Subconscious Re-patterning.

She has been studying the transformational capabilities of mind, body and spirit through for over a decade and her work draws from multi-disciplinary healing modalities & transformational practices including Creative Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Movement Meditation, Timeline Therapy, Kinesiology and Reiki.

Coupled with Strategic Business Planning Tools and Methodologies gleaned from over sixteen years in corporate management, Michele’s unique approach applies the best practice tools she has learnt through these dichotomous worlds, to help her clients create amazing lives they love.