An SOS to the women in my life.

Do you know someone who lately feels like SOMETHING IS MISSING but just not quite sure what?

A woman who is beautiful, successful, smart, sexy, gifted, talented ….but (secretly) feels disempowered, imperfect, unsure of herself, and basically ‘less than!’

I do.  And they are EVERYWHERE.  Wearing a mask of confidence. Pretending they have it all…

But, somewhere along the way they’ve lost themselves, forgotten who they really are, their highest truth, their  sacred feminine power. What really makes THEM happy. And so they drink, they shop, they take recreational drugs, or drug themselves on ‘being social’, ‘being busy,’ ‘climbing the ladder of success,’ they immerse and over-stretch themselves in being there for others; in over-eating, over-exercising, in online shopping late at night…to fill the void, the distraction from feeling the pain of what is missing…

Sound familiar?

So here’s the thing. I LOVE MY LIFE! And I love who I am. Truly. Madly. Deeply. I DO. 🙂 It’s an AWESOME place to be and those of you who know me know I’m extraordinarily passionate about what I do. But it wasn’t always this way. I understand exactly what it is to be these women, once upon a time. Before I got IT! The secret. To true HAPPINESS, to LOVE, CONNECTION and ABUNDANCE, to what it means to live ‘on purpose!’ 🙂 I mean in such a way that it is simply impossible to undo it!  And now I wake up every day inspired, energised, and truly excited to take on the day.  Quite simply I make it my life’s purpose to help others to the same.


I have a vision to do my bit to help change the future of our world. To empower women to connect with who they really are, to transform their relationship with themselves, live their truth and realise their dreams. To re-awaken the goddess fire they know is inside but have somehow lost along the way. To create a community. A tribe of like-minded souls who will support each other on the path of transformation. And I need your help to get my message out there.


Through my business, I offer a variety of amazing event experiences, group & one to one coaching that offer a journey of self discovery and personal transformation for women to love themselves and be empowered to live their dreams with volition.


If you know someone you would like to help live with renewed enthusiasm, passion and vitality. To see themselves as a possibility, find true personal freedom, joy and fulfilment living in alignment with their truth. To have deep connected relationships with the people in their lives…please share my website, my blog, my events, or give them my free e-book! They deserve it.

How will it change me?

My events cut through the BS and simply integrate the best kept industry secrets, transformative insights and proven practical tools from leading edge trainers in the field of life transformation & inspiring spiritual teachers to bring you fun, innovative and powerful journeys of self-discovery, especially designed for women, in a safe nurturing environment.

The only way we are going to change humanity is by supporting each other to be AMAZING.  By sharing my message, my events and my work you will help to change lives, to create personal freedom and joy for your sisters and spread love, kindness and community in such a way as it has a ripple effect throughout humanity.


Thanks for taking time out of your busi-ness to read my message and help to change the world.

Love Michele xx

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