21 Ways You Are Not Stepping Into Your Power!

‘The most common way people give away their power, is by thinking they don’t have any’
Alice Walker

I wanted to write a guide to help women understand just how they are giving up their power in everyday life. It is not necessarily gender specific however it is written by a woman for women, and I offer it to you as a gateway to step into your own personal power as a woman.

That is, not in a way that is forceful in nature, but through a new level of awareness and expression that sees you connecting with the power of your inner truth and embracing yourself as creation of the divine.

The guide covers the most common ways that women tend to give up their power, and easy ways you can practice right now to reignite what lies naturally within you and become the powerful, radiant woman you truly are. So because the easiest way to understand how you are not stepping into your power, is to recognise where you are giving it away, here’s the 21 most common ways women tend to give it up…

  1. By thinking you don’t have any to start with
  2. By forgetting the deeper truth of who you really are
  3. By not being true to your innate gifts and purpose in life
  4. By not listening to your inner wisdom
  5. By thinking things are happening TO you rather than through you
  6. By paying too much attention to what others think
  7. By not taking responsibility for your own happiness
  8. By thinking you have no choice
  9. By needing to be right
  10. By fighting for it, instead of letting it shine through you
  11. By thinking being empowered means taking away other people’s power away
  12. By giving it away yourself
  13. By holding onto resentment
  14. By focussing on the wrong things
  15. By underestimating your personal power to create
  16. By asking disempowering questions
  17. Tolerating environments and people that hold you back
  18. By comparing yourself to others
  19. By being afraid to be truly seen
  20. By living someone else’s life
  21. By not acknowledging your infinite potentiality and your capacity to transform your past, your present AND your future

Phew! Big list hey. The great thing is there’s 21 ways to access that power that lies latent within you just begging to be awakened. See, the truth is…

You Are Amazing! You are Light! You are Source! You are a Divinely Created Being who is powerful beyond belief, only you’re pretending not to know.

woman on back in meadowThe world is awakening and we are on the brink of an evolutionary shift for women and humanity. If you have been drawn to this site I have no doubt in my heart and soul, you feel it too. This restless urgency – a need to reclaim the true power of our divine feminine rising inside us.  To awaken our creative life-force, through our innate gifts as women, and in doing shaping so not only our own lives, but healing our planet and the direction of our humanity.

Gaia and her children are crying, you must life your vibration in order to heal our world and the only way to do that is for you to stand up, step up, and step into your personal power. Never before have we, as women, been holding so much collective power to influence our future.  It’s up to us, and it’s up to you to shine your gifts and heal our world.

Never fear lovely, that’s where Be the Queen comes in.  To find out the secrets keys to reclaiming your personal power,  download your FREE COPY of my E-Book ‘ Reclaim Your Sacred Power – A Woman’s Guide to Love, Truth & Empowerment’ – An easy to read, relatable guide for any woman no matter where you are at on your journey book full of awesome tips, exercises and cool stuff to empower your life.

You are incredible – shine your light for all to see!

Michele xx

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