Who Am I/Who Are You?

I’ve been a participant floating through several pockets of reality over the past few days: these virtual worlds with their own existential belief systems, inter-relational dynamics, vernacular & strange nuances of ‘normal’.

Some I resonate with and others so foreign I feel almost operating in silo: from family, to industry, to friends old & new; touching on the past; creating of future; each of the moment and in every one, who am I?

What are the implicit perceptions, expectations & notions about who I am and where I fit into the mix. What are my stories, and what belong to others, and in between the truth.

A reminder of how easy it can be to lose your way without a strong sense of self, how easy to be seduced by other’s ideas, ideals & projections, how human the need to be validated.

Is it any wonder the incidence of clients coming to see me, asking the question – “Who am I?”

As humanity awakens with unprecedented acceleration, I take this as an amazing step towards a positive foundation for our future. With more and more people refusing to remain as a pinball in the game of life, reactive to circumstance and environments; the more choosing to truly know themselves & awaken to their personal power as affecters of positive change in their own worlds.

Remember you are ALWAYS creating and influencing the universe around you. Cultivate the reality you wish to see simply by refusing to be a pinball. Chose to be what you wish for our future & shine your light in the places that need it the most. For you are the sun and central source of your universe – and the direction we are heading IS entirely up to YOU.

Wishing love, truth & freedom to all

Michele xxx

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