What are you choosing for our future today?

Imagine a world where instead of fighting each other for everything we contributed, supported and encouraged others towards their goals and highest intentions?

If instead of celebrating the inherent individualism of ‘My Success’, ‘My Stature,’ ‘My Wealth’, My Property ’, ‘My Idea’ and competing for territory as small as car spaces, we aspired to each helping each other ignite our inherent greatness? If we demonstrated compassion, recognised kindness and lived with the open hearts and infinite capacity to love we had at birth?

If instead of laying claim of ownership to the people in our lives we recognised that we all belong to each other and no-one at the same time…that each relationship dynamic is individual and takes nothing away from any other relationship dynamic, that ultimately love is an all encompassing omnipresent energy present everywhere at anytime we chose to access it, not some finite resource that is exhausted after a certain amount has been dispensed.

If instead of defending our position and need to be right, or best (and in doing so making others wrong, inadequate and not as good as us – all in order to validate our own lost sense of self of course – we gave up blaming others for what is wrong in our lives or the situation at hand. And just took responsibility for our choices, giving us the freedom and opportunity to make new ones that serve us from this moment

That maybe there is a reason entertainers and entertainment are so richly rewarded over our educators and healers?  That perhaps this age that compels us to consume:  to drink, to eat, to shop; to be addicted to mindless entertainment and meaningless sex and takes us away from the reality of our reality, is actually asking us to look more deeply into what’s really going on in that reality – when the provision of distraction is but a mask for the anxiety, depression and stress so prevalent in so many of us today.

If instead of this fragmentation we began to recognise that I am you and you are me, we are all connected in our humanity as certainly as in our spirit, and started coming back to the basics fundamentals of community…of respect and love for each other and gratitude for our fortunes…the ones beyond those that are material: a smile from a stranger, a beautiful sunset, a child’s laughter ringing in the air, the sensuous touch of a lover, the opportunities afforded us in each and every moment through our freedom of choice.

What choice do you want for your life?  For your humanity?  The earth and its children are crying, you can help heal her and yourself and bring our world back to balance by simply being awake and aware.   By being conscious of your thoughts, your actions, your choices.  In each and every moment you have an opportunity to ask yourself simply – What truth is here?  What is it that is really important in this moment? If I am upset why am I choosing to be so? If I am being cold, hard, malicious, defensive, selfish, closed – what am I trying to prove about me? What am I trying to protect?

And where in my life is it costing me?

Then ask yourself, What would love do here?  What would kindness do here?

And let your heart guide you.

Wishing you all love, light and freedom

Michele xxx

The new world is in your hands…

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